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An article by Lost Remote predicts 12 changes that will come to the new market of social TV in 2012. The changes I found most interesting were:

2. Nielsen will buy a social TV data company

Nielsen, more commonly known as Nielsen Media Research, is responsible for generating the Nielsen ratings. These rating determine who the audience is made up of; as well as the size of the audience for Television programming here in the US.
Lost remote suggests that Nielsen should/will acquire a service that is already doing this social data collection like: Trendrr, BlueFin Labs or SocialGuide

  • Allowing the Nielsen rating system to have access to social TV data is BRILLIANT! People are already trending and hashtagging what they are watching, and often these programs make it to the top trends on twitter. So why shouldn’t these social TV aspects be included in the audience size and composition? You tell me, because I can’t think of any reasons.


Lost remote indicates that Apple may be releasing Siri-based voice controlled TV sets or applications toward the end of this year.

  • Being able to control television with voice, is an amazing look at what we are looking at for our technology in the future. No longer will you have to tear apart the couch looking for the remote because the new episode of the Kardashians is on in 2 minutes, your yells of frustration will be able to control your TV. Leaving technology today just steps away from Disney already predicts years ago- with Smart house. Let’s just hope “Siri TV” isn’t as testy as PAT.
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