A project started in August 2010 has had an amazing push based on the internet, and it asks just one simple thing from its contributors, to be genuine. This article on mashable considers the One Hello World project as sort of an ‘audio PostSecret‘. Where people can call in anonymously this telephone number (316) 247-0421 and leave voicemail messages about anything they desire. The creator of this project has chosen to remain anonymous as well, he says it’s because the project isn’t about him. He got the idea while recording one night, he had his friends call and explain happiness in a voicemail- and One Hello World was born. After the word of the project spread through Facebook and Google Voice the voicemails flew in, they average about 400 a week. The website states that the goal of the project is simple:

Ultimately, the project strives to foster compassion by not only offering an open ear to those who phone in, but by encouraging all to take a moment and listen to what people from different perspectives have to say.

The project is truly beautiful, it lets listeners hear right into someone else’s world in approximately a two minutes and thirty seconds. Some are dark, some are up beat- but they all have one thing in common; They are all extremely human and genuine. Here are a few examples:


“I Wake Up Holding my Alarm Clock”


“Movies When you Die”


“RollerCoasters Worth Living For”


And being a sappy rom-com movie loving girl- this one is my favorite I’ve listened to:

“Love Me When We’re Old”

If you want to listen to more click here, or if you feel that you have a story to share call (316) 247-0421. 

  • These voices are raw and real. And this project truly shows how amazing the internet can be, no one here is trying to gain fame- they are all just anonymous people together to produce a unique project. And I think it proves again that the power of the human voice, is more compelling than any 140-character tweet or status update.

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