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Tic Tac has released a whole new ad structure based on augmented reality billboards, restaurant coasters, magazine ads, and their Facebook page. An article on Mashable.com discusses that this campaign is focused around mobile apps for both apple and android products. You simply open the app and show it the Tic Tac advertisement and it transports you to a game, or perhaps a slew of new pick-up lines to use. Still confused? Check out this video released by TicTacUSA:

This advertising campaign is not the first of it’s kind this year. In fact augmented reality-enabled advertising campaigns have been used by many other companies this year (like Taco Bell‘s partnership with playstation, Mattel’s Barbie dream closet coming to life online and in person at New York’s Fashion Week). Have one of those new valentines day themed starbucks cups? Show it to your Starbucks app on your smart phone and heart shaped flower petals will “fly” off of the cup (Click here for a demonstration).

  • I think these technology integrated advertisement campaigns are very smart. They encourage the customer to go buy a new product as well as download an app that will continue to encourage them to purchase that product. I don’t normally buy tic tacs at the store, but now that I know that I can use tic tacs and my iphone together to play games, I might be slightly more interested in putting those tic tacs in my cart. This is just another way that advertisers are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, and it will be interesting to see how they take off from here.

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