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The indoor lacrosse team Philadelphia Wings, members of the National Lacrosse League made quiet an interesting change to their uniforms this season. The team has become the first pro sports team to use the players twitter handles on the back of jerseys as opposed to player’s last names.

Check out the jerseys HERE found at a top on article on the Philadelphia Wings website

In an article from USA TODAY- the spokesman for the Wings, Zack Llyod, said:

Incorporating Twitter was just another way of making our players even more accessible to our fans

To some degree this unique strategy has worked. At the time this USA TODAY article was published the Philadelphia wings (@PhillyWings) has 2,815 followers on twitter- today at 4:00pm they’ve increased that number to 2,876.

Personally I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this use of social media in this sort of “media hungry” way. These twitter jerseys take what is required of an average athlete to a whole new level and I think they kind of undermine the professional uniform look.

While I do think requiring athletes to keep a twitter account so they are more accessible to fans is fantastic, these twitter handles should be left linkable on the team’s website — not on the back of their jerseys.

I just can’t help thinking about how silly a professional Patriots football jersey would look if it said @DGronko on the back instead of Gronkowski

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