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BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota launched a very cool project last year called “The Human Doing” to encourage healthy living. They put a man, name Scott, in a glass apartment inside the Mall of America where he lived for 30 days.

Here’s move-in day where the project is better explained:

So with help from: a doctor, BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota, various experts from different types of exercise, and a dietician; Scott lived in the public eye for 30 days learning healthy living practicing while gaining exercise stamina and actually losing weight!

Aside from helping a real person get real results, BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota did a great job integrating social media into the project. In the video above you saw Scott talk about the “Daily Do’s” that he did 4 to 7 of a day. These are tasks that were voted on by twitter and facebook users, as well as those physically inside the mall of amercia. These “do’s” ranged from all sorts of physical activity like 10minutes of jumping jacks, riding a certain distance on a stationary bike, hula hooping,  to a modern interpretive dance seen here:

But Why is This Relevant?

Yesterday Mashable.com named the Human Doing campaign “One of the 5 Clever Social Media Campaigns to Learn From”. The article mentioned that creating an event, especially one that involves social media fans, is an alternative to launching an ad campaign. The article also mentions:

Humanizing a problem for which your company provides a solution is also a good idea

That’s one of the things that I think was so fresh about this campaign. It was a really guy named Scott interacting with everybody- not just some famous actor talking at a television camera. Scott was raw and real; using daily youtube blogs, twitter, and Facebook he became the face of the event. I hope more companies work to create great events like this one in the future!

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