Thanks to the lovely tornado’s that have effected every major airport in america, I have been on an whirlwind adventure through a zillion and a half major airlines and cities. Not to worry though I finally made it out of Cinci after 5 attempted flights – my luggage on the other hand may not be so lucky, but this is getting away from my point….

This is just a thought from my long long layover in the DC airport:

While I was sitting on my last flight there were two women in front of me, one was reading a real paper book (I believe it was the second book in the Hunger Games series…I’ve been meaning to read those) and the other was reading a book on a kindle. As the doors to the plane finally closed and I cheered for finally leaving Cincinnati, the flight attendant came around and required that the kindle be shut down until we reached a comfortable cruising altitude (what is comfortable about being thousands of feet in the air?!)

So in this Real Books Vs. E-Books: Airline edition, Real book wins. because nobody can tell you to shut your real book down in nearly any situation.