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Ever find yourself wondering “How is this relevant in real life?” while sitting in a lecture?  Well in the article found HERE, Michigan State University is offering a summer class this year that will certainly be useful if zombies ever attack.

With the full course title of “SW290- Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior” The School of Social Work, Professor Glenn Stutzky, promises that this will be a thrilling course.

The class will focuses on how human behavior changes in the midst of plagues and catastrophic events such as: disastrous earthquakes, tornados, and the black plague. Before moving on to the hypothetical on-coming zombie apocalypse.

The MSU course catalogue outlines the course as this:

The question at the center of this course is, “How do humans behave in catastrophic times?” Does their behavior change in the midst of trying to survive and the decisions they face? We will examine major catastrophic events from the past, look to potential future events, and consider a concept for increasing our chances of survival.

Sound like a 2-credit course that you’re interested in? Lucky for you the class will be open for non-MSU students through the Lifelong education program March 24th.

But how does this relate to IMS?

Well check out this promotional video for the course that features the Professor Glenn Stutzky

After watching the clip, that’s super captivating and well produced; It makes me wonder if other university’s will turn to these “flashy” integrated summer courses to generate money. Looking at the title of the course itself “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”, the class was clearly named to stir-up some interest and press attention (which it has received). No way this class could have reached the same press coverage with a title like “Changes in Human Behavior: a look into catastrophes”

While I think this is a bit shady on MSU’s part, it does raise the question- will this be a successful way to generate profits for the university? and will we be dependent on MSU grads when the zombie apocalypse comes?

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