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The Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins have launched a new project monday that is sure to change the way you think about professional sports teams social media.

The article found here on Mashable.com, discussed the DEN project that launched on Monday.

The Boston Bruins Digital Entertainment Network (or DEN for short) is basically  the go to place for any fans wishing to connect with the Bruins’ on any and all of their social media platforms. It links to the teams tumblr, Google+Pinterest (which is “run” by the mascot bear), has an embedded Twitter and Facebook feed on the right hand-side. The site also features links to fan contests, info about the teams cheerleaders or Icegirls, and exclusive DEN video content.

Amy Latimer, the Bruins’ senior vice president of marketing and sales says that the DEN  has created better opportunities for sponsors and for fans:

Our fans are on the receiving end of great content that is accessible through all of the digital channels that they use and is distributed in a streamlined, organized fashion. And Our corporate partners now have the ability to reach more than 2.5 million unique Bruins fans per month while aligning their brand with compelling content in a manner that is fan friendly.


The Bruins organization hopes that this will strengthen campaigns that they already have as well as start new ones focused on the users of the DEN, who are clearly interested in the Bruins brand.

The reason that is such an interesting topic is because the DEN is beneficial for everyone involved. The fans get a chance to connect with the team on all of the different social channels they are already a part of, the team gets a chance to see who the major fans are and how to better care and market to them, and the teams sponsors get the chance to gear advertising directly to Boston Bruins fans. It’s a win win win.

And even better, the Boston Bruins are the first team to come out with such a integrated social platform! Sure almost every other professional team in every sport has a twitter account, but the Bruins are the first team that I’ve seen that interact with the newest social media addictions; Pinterest and Tumblr (Both of which they update frequently).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this DEN approach to tackling all of the social media platforms that professional sports fans use, will become an industry standard for other professional teams. What do you think?

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