So this has absolutely zero percent to do with what we blog about on a normal basis………Or does it?

For Years and years the Miss America Program has helped thousands of girls in every state and has given away millions of dollars in real scholarship money (Trust me it’s real, and you can actually use it.)

Well being from New Hampshire, and also from Strafford County I’ve had the lovely opportunity to meet, befriend, and work with Lauren Carter. Lauren Carter is Miss Strafford Country 2012 and she is competing in the Miss New Hampshire Program on April 28th. The lucky girl who wins Miss New Hampshire goes to Miss America.

The Miss New Hampshire program is doing something very interesting this year- They are letting the people of the internet (Hopefully YOU!) to vote for 2 contestants to make it into the top 12, increasing the chance that they will win the title of Miss New Hampshire.

And Here’s where you come in. You have an email address, all you have to do is take 30 seconds and head on over to and vote for your favorite contestant. (They’re not going to send you any junk mail, I pinky promise)

But since none of my standard blog readers are from New Hampshire- I really hope you would consider voting for Lauren Carter, Miss Strafford County 2012.  She’s an ICU Nurse, Grad student, a Certified Personal Trainer, and she also just resuced a racehorse. Overall she’s just really cool. (You can check out her two blogs here if you need more proof:

AND just in case you need some more convincing that Lauren deserves your email address vote- Check out these videos (that I produced) they outline all the steps for you. How easy is that!