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This week at Clear Channel myself and another intern got the opportunity to operate the board for WGIR during the Fisher Cats game. We made sure that the proper advertisements ran during game breaks and that enough time was allotted for the game logs. It was a very interesting experience working with a live board. Any mistakes we made were immediately broadcasted so we had to be extra careful.

I also had the chance to do some office work this week, such as calling contest winners and organizing the promotional closet which is full of all sorts of anything and everything you could want to give away as a prize.

The last cool thing I got to do this week was pre-load this weeks Ryan Seacrest’s American Top 40 into KISS’s log for Sunday morning. After downloading it from this secret site onto our stations hard drive, I had to transcribe it to the correct format, and then check to make sure all the songs were correct and the advertisements were in the right spot. So I knew the number one song for this week before anyone else! (It was Gotye, in case you were wondering)

Beach Report starts next week, and I can’t wait to do the surf report on-air!