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This week was full of events! WERZ sponsored and provided music+announcing for the 20th Annual Paws Walk to benefit New Hampshire’s ASPCA. Myself and on air personality Kelly Brown were provided with a script of sponsors to thank as well as booths to mention. It’s amazing the power a mike and loud speaker can have at a large event. While talking about all of the great food vendors we mentioned how great the waffle stand up the hill from our set up smelled. And a few seconds later the owner of the booth gave us Belgian waffles as a thank you for up-selling her booth.

I also was handed the title of security guard this week. WERZ and KISS sponsored the, “Lady Gaga Experience”, and it became my job to check-in all of the VIPS and guard the VIP area. This event created a lot of buzz for the station and everyone enjoyed the show.

Two recurring seasonal Clear Channel Portsmouth events also started again this week. Beach Patrol for KISS + WERZ and also Rock on the Deck for WHEB. Rock on the Deck invites local rock bands to play on Paddy’s (a local restaurant’s) Deck. WHEB gives away promotional prizes and keeps the crowd entertained during the bands set breaks. Beach Patrol was a blast. We go to 3 beaches daily and record live spots that play twice every hour. Depending on beach traffic and what events we have going on we will also be hosting contests and giving away great prizes with the Beach Patrol as the summer goes on. In the next few weeks, I’ll be recording 2 of the 4 live spots each day. I can’t wait to get on-air!