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This week was a blast in the office! I had the chance to do all of the beach reports on Thursday.
We headed out to the Stratham Fair and I did each of our beach reports from the Front Porch Stage. It was an interesting experience because while I was recording the spot to play on-air, I also developed a bit of a crowd around the stage.  Not only was I trying to make my voice sound great on-air, I also had to worry about my stage appearance as well. Overall it was fun and everyone loved watching the recording process of the beach patrol reports.
Currently I’m typing this post while inside the studio. One of the part-timers, Kayla is showing me the ropes to board oping the golf events that our station airs on WGIR. They work a bit differently than the way we broadcast any other sporting event like NASCAR, Fisher Cats, etc. And our broadcast of the Brittish Open was the perfect chance for me to learn (I’m rooting for Adam Scott if you’re following the event).