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You’re back, how sweet of you! Your hair looks nice today!

It’s Tuesday here in internet-land and you know what that means!

Wait you don’t know what that means?! It means it’s time for a new Tunes Tuesday!!!!!

I know I know you’re excited. Me too.

This week it’s all about the music queen of our generation. Taylor Swift.

In case you haven’t been on facebook, twitter, inside any retail store like walmart, or just generally are living under a rock –  Taylor Swift released her fourth album RED yesterday.

Album cover

And let me tell you – it’s pretty great. Standard Taylor with a few interesting choices thrown in. What are these interesting choices you ask? Well I’ll tell ya! Some of the songs on this album are drifting away from Swift’s country roots. Which I don’t mind one bit. Check out I Knew You Were Trouble (Track 4) and Starlight (Track 15) if you want to see what I’m talking about.

But by far my favorite song (and not to mention the most brilliant move by a British Artist ever) is:

Everything has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)

Such a beautiful, slow, romantic song with two beautiful voices with amazing fan bases. Ed Sheeran has been a popular artist in the UK and other parts of Europe for quite some time but just recently made the jump across the pond and completed his first state side tour late last month. (Humble brag- went to the Ed Sheeran Concert in Cincinnati and it was absolutely incredible. He is a truly talented artist)

Ed Sheeran joining forces with Taylor Swift is only going to help his rise to stardom and popularity with Taylor’s large fan-based market.

Did I mention this song is number 4 on the Itunes chart right now? So this game plan is clearly working.

Like every other girl, I’ll be jammin’ out to this cd for quality amount of time and hanging onto the edge of my seat until Taylor releases her tour dates.

See ya next week!