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No class last tuesday = no blog post, but don’t fret! Tune Tuesday is back with a killer song and an even more killer music video from one of my favorite favorite favorite artists Ed Sheeran.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “but you’ve already blogged about him before!” Indeed you are right. I have blogged about his new song with Taylor Swift here, but Ed Sheeran is just so fantastic that he deserves a blog post on his own.

Last Friday Ed released his music video for his song “Give Me Love” off of his album +, and it is a completely beautiful song with strong lyrics and an actual meaning. The music video that accompanies it is beyond stunning.

Check it out:

Brilliant. She’s a modern day cupid and she just wants love for herself. Love it. Love the concept, love the song, love the girl (Does that angel look familiar to you? Perhaps because she was the evil robot girl from transformers), love how Ed always has a cameo in his music videos, love it.

I just can’t say enough good things about Ed Sheeran. He’s going on tour this January and also all Summer with Taylor Swift. Check him out – You won’t be disappointed.