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Finals week is upon us! This means that the libraries will be packed to the brim with students hyped up on caffeine and cramming for exams. If you are a college student you know that one of the best ways to procrastinate studying is finding the perfect music to keep you motivated. Well – the procrastination stops here because I’ve compiled a playlist that will keep you focused and excited as you prep to ACE those final exams!

Covers. Covers are the perfect studying music because you already know all the words, so you can’t be distracted by new music you’ve never heard! These stripped down covers are soft enough to be the perfect background noise to your biochemistry study guide:

Give Me Love” cover by Cali Wilson.

Don’t You Worry Child” Cover by Conor Maynard

Titanium” Cover by Madilyn Bailey

Soundtracks. Soundtracks are great to study to because they block out the surrounding hum of the library.

Here are some great 8Tracks soundtrack playlists:

Here is the perfect playlist for post finals celebration! You did it!

Do you have the perfect studying song or playlist? Let me know in the comments down below! Also- follow me on 8tracks!

Love & Honor,