Mr. Bob Lawton founded Funspot in 1952. Sixty-two years later he is still hard at work in Weirs Beach at the Largest Arcade in the World with over 500 games, an indoor golf center, a 20-lane ten-pin and candlepin bowling center, bingo, mini-golf, and a restaurant.

Funspot is also home to the American Classic Arcade Museum and host of the International Classic Video Game Tournament. I was honored to hand out awards at the 16th Annual Tournament to competitors from around the world. I love playing the games at Funspot, but after watching the intense competition, I realized I will never be World Champion. Gary Vincent is the curator of the Classic Arcade Museum and he works incredibly hard to put on a great event each year. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and ended up on the cover of Arcade Culture Magazine (thank you William McEvoy)!

If you missed this year’s tournament, enjoy the John’s Arcade/Arcade Impossible video of their visit to Funspot and the awards ceremony Congratulations to all of this year’s competitors!