I can’t believe Miss New Hampshire Week is over.  I worked very hard this year to be my very best in every area of competition.  It was a thrilling week of appearances, bonding time, rehearsals, and performances.  If you know me, you know I love the discipline of preparation and the adrenaline of competing.  I learned so much this year and these amazing photos from Katrina Bernard Photography are a wonderful keepsake from an incredible week.



Maybe three swimsuit photos is too many? I’m just so proud of my hard work in the gym. And I really love this Kandice Pelletier Swimsuit.


This is gorgeous Princess Julia. When she’s not wearing a crown, she’s scoring goals on the lacrosse field or at the Cyclones Arena.


I felt so glamorous in this evening gown by Carry O’Neal for Sherri Hill and Regalia Magnificent Apparel. Carry designed it for Samantha Poirier. And the amazing Samantha Poirier shared her magic gown with me.


This dress is magic too. It’s a Jovani from Regalia Magnificent Apparel. I saw this sample at Regalia at the Miss America Trade Show in 2013 and knew it was meant for me.



These smart, talented women are going to change the world. Don’t believe me just watch!

I am so grateful for the incredible people in my life.  Days later and I’m still celebrating my amazing Miss New Hampshire experience. Thank you to my lucky charms: Princess Julia, Princess Jenna, Princess Rosie, Miss Gate City’s Outstanding Teen Meghan, plus PreTeens Hannah and Kayla. I loved every second of last week, especially my fun roommate Miss Auburn Kayla Warren.

Thank you to Bill, Brenda, Claudette, Paula and Pattie for a wonderful #MNH week.  (I miss our nightly tuck-in with love notes from Paula and Pattie.)  Thank you to our Producers, Choreographers, Dancers, Board Members, Sponsors and everyone who makes Miss New Hampshire Week possible.  New Hampshire has the best volunteers and the best show in the country.  We are all very lucky to step onto that stage and be a part of that dazzling show!

Thank you to Rob, Peggy, Caroline and Lauren Carter for everything you do.  I love your family and I am so grateful for your advice, friendship, and style.  I love our adventures and can’t wait for the next road trip.  Thank you to Sue Winslow and supermodel Samantha Poirier for sharing your beautiful clothes and unending giggles and support.  I am so excited to cheer for Sammie at Miss USA on July 12th on NBC.  Gooooo New Hampshire USA! 

Thank you Chris Saltalamacchio for challenging me and helping me create a talent performance that I will never forget. You are my Frank Carroll. Thank you Miss Gate City 2014 Jillian Granucci for being an amazing role model and friend. Thank you to Bill Wolfe for the gorgeous arrangement and my voice teacher Scott Richardson for transforming my voice. Thank you Robbie Tomaskow for making me look and feel beautiful. Thank you to my Miss Gate City Directors Scott Greenleaf and Peter Tremblay for your incredible support this year.  I hope I made you proud. Thank you to my family, teammates, friends and everyone who texted/tweeted/instagrammed/#CrownKat-ed! 

Congratulations to Miss New Hampshire 2015 Holly Blanchard!  I will be there in Atlantic City to cheer you on as you bring that Miss America crown home to New Hampshire!