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Once upon a time, in the Queen City of Manchester, a beautiful, talented, and spunky little girl met Miss New Hampshire 2002 Mary Morin.  That little girl invited her new friend to her birthday party.  Their friendship inspired the birthday girl to dream BIG.  Thirteen years later, that little girl was crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016.


You’ve probably seen the YouTube video.  You haven’t?  Watch this!  https://youtu.be/weXLOIkNBwM  (Love & Honor shout out to Miami University RedHawk and MAOT Host Greg Hutson.)

If you think Allie was surprised/excited/happy, you should have seen the TeamNH cheering section.  I apologized to the people sitting near me (especially Josh Randle) for my loud and enthusiastic cheering.  It was beyond exciting to hear Allie called into the Top Ten.  And then her no drop talent performance was EPIC (in a perfect Lady Gaga costume by Togatae Designs).  Her onstage question answer was honest, intelligent, and totally Allie.  Her Regalia Magnificent Apparel Evening Gown was perfection.  I did my best to tweet, text, and keep up with messages from overjoyed people at home.  Everyone was going #Gaga4Allie.



Earlier in the day, I had bumped into Allie’s Mom and Dad in the hotel after the MAOT Parent’s Meeting and Allie’s Mom asked, “If Allie wins, will you be the person to go backstage and get her luggage?”  We all laughed.  Could that even happen?  New Hampshire had never made the Top Ten at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.  I said, “She is winning.  And I’ll do it.”

And then it happened.  Allie Nault was named the new Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.  So Cara Carter (MNHOT ’14) and I went backstage to pick up her royal luggage and head to her Coronation Ball.  In the pictures from before the Final Show, we all look so chic, happy and hopeful.  The photos from after the crowning are hilarious.  We are all sweaty from hugging and cheering, everyone has cried off their make-up, and we kept looking at each other and saying, “Did that just happen?”

I am so proud of Allie for her determination to make her childhood dream a reality.  She has been dedicated to her platform work for many years.  She was flawless on that big, beautiful stage…real, relatable, and radiant.

Now Allie will begin a journey that will take her all over the country during her year of service as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016.  As MAOTeen 2016, she will perform and speak to audiences totaling over one million and will inspire others to become financially responsible.  I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish during her year of service.


Congratulations to her beautiful National Princess Emily Jenkins and the three OUTSTANDING Teens in Training with her in Orlando:  Kenzie Goode, Natalie Jenkins, and Caroline Newell.  TeamNH included Cara, OT State Co-Director Pattie Lamontagne (mom of our first Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen http://www.meghanryanlamontagne.com/- watch Meghan on the #ABCFamily #PLL SuperFan Suite all day on August 11!), President Brenda Keith, Field Director Paula Moore, my awesome Miss Rockingham County Director Lynne Ulaky, Elaine & Trisha Tidd of Togatae Designs, Rob & Peggy Carter, Don & Christine Jenkins, Jill Menard, Suzanne Newell, my mom Sj, Stephanie, Brooke & Emilee Mills, Dick & Karen Nault, and Allie’s supportive friend Tyler.  We tried to adopt David Gilbert from the Miss Florida Organization and Brittany Rhoads Puopolo (MVTOT’05) for the week.  They served on Allie’s Panel of State Judges and continued to support her in Orlando.  We also had tons of fun with Chris Saltalamacchio (follow his tweets at @PageantChris #PBC) and Carrie Lakey from PageantJunkies.com (listen to her insightful podcasts, sign-up for the newsletter, and say “Hi” when you see her in Atlantic City #JunkieLove).

Stay tuned for details on Allie’s Official Homecoming Celebration to be held this fall!

I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  I truly love TeamNH.  Did that just happen?