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“Voting is the right upon which all other rights depend.” – Thomas Paine


Did you know the first New Hampshire primary was held on March 14, 1916?  New Hampshire will be celebrating our 100th Presidential Primary on February 9, 2016.  New Hampshire has an open primary and allows undeclared/independents to vote.

Are you a first time voter?  You can register at your town or city clerk’s office up to 10 days before any election OR on election day at the polling place.  Need more information on how to register?  http://sos.nh.gov/RegVote.aspx

Not sure where to vote?  The State of New Hampshire website has everything you need to know:  http://sos.nh.gov/VoteInforLook.aspx


Fun fact:  The first candidate to win the Presidency without winning the New Hampshire primary was Bill Clinton in 1992.  For a treasure trove of historical photos and fun facts visit: http://nhprimary100.org/fast-facts/


The Morning Waking Crew at WOKQ is encouraging everyone to #GetOutAndVote.  Karen and Roy will be broadcasting live on Tuesday morning from the Portland Pie Co. on Elm Street in Manchester.  Visit the WOKQ website for sample ballots and important links for voters:  http://wokq.com/get-out-and-vote-2016-new-hampshire-primary-and-voting-info/

I love the political process and take voting seriously.  I’ve had the chance to listen to speeches by almost all of the candidates during their campaign stops in New Hampshire and I’m ready to vote.  I’ve been asked who I am voting for, and I think it’s important for every voter to make a personal choice based on the issues that mean the most to them.  A recent USA Today/Rock the Vote poll showed top issues among millennials included the economy and foreign policy – areas nearly all voters agree are important – but issues like college affordability, health insurance and gun laws also ranked high.  What’s most important to you?

PBS Newshour has a great resource to learn more about all of the candiates:  http://www.pbs.org/newshour/tag/what-the-candidates-believe/

If you want to talk politics or you need a ride to the polls, call me.  Your vote on February 9th will help choose our next President.  #GetOutAndVote