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Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her hardworking team.  It has been thrilling to participate in the political process and watch history unfold this primary* season.  It is also fascinating to observe the impact of technology and social media on the election cycle.

Per Recode, “Hillary Clinton was mentioned in 1,000 tweets a minute around the time she appeared at a Brooklyn rally at 10:36 pm EST. The campaign’s hashtag #ImWithHer became the top trend on Twitter, appearing in some 120,000 tweets.”


*Four months ago in NH…


Discussing First-In-The-Nation election results at Hillary Clinton’s Primary Night Event at Southern New Hampshire University with NPR, international media outlets, and http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/09/did-bernie-just-poison-hillary-2016.html.  The question the media kept asking that night was, “Why isn’t Hillary resonating with millennials?”  My answer, “I am a millennial voter and Secretary Clinton’s leadership on equality, education, energy, immigration, and the environment all resonate with me.”