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I’ll be leaving for the National Sweetheart Pageant bright and early Wednesday morning and I’m really, really excited.  I love adventure, travel, tradition, sweetcorn, parades, country fairs, making new friends…and this is all of those things in one fun weekend!  I have the honor of representing New Hampshire along with twenty-seven amazing national finalists competing for the National Sweetheart Crown.

Meet all twenty-eight state representatives here: http://www.newsbug.info/hoopeston_chronicle/national-sweetheart-pageant-map/html_bb17bb3a-6b34-11e6-89ce-5ba8c1f185c9.html

New Hampshire has had incredible Sweethearts over the last decade:

  • 2015 Sarah Tubbs
  • 2014 Holly Blanchard
  • 2013 Kendall Wipff
  • 2012 Erica Millett
  • 2011 Rebecca Rendina
  • 2010 Megan Lyman
  • 2009 Meghan Lamontagne
  • 2008 Justine Barker
  • 2007 Natalie St. Cyr – Winner of the Patricia Musk Talent Award
  • 2006 Kristin Finn

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to join this Sweetheart Sisterhood.  Thank you for the encouragement, love and support.  You can follow all of the excitement on social media with the hashtags:  #Sweetheart16 #NHSweetheart #SweetheartStrong

And watch the competition LIVE at 7p on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th:  http://citylinktv.com/channel/hoopeston-productions-protected/